Vertu Motors

No stranger to the Emmanuel College lecture theatre, it was a pleasure to welcome back, albeit virtually, Robert Forrester, CEO Vertu Motors.

Having recently acquired naming rights to the home of the Newcastle Eagles and cemented its position as Europe’s biggest Honda motor retailer, it was great to find out how Vertu Motors has navigated the challenges of a global pandemic so successfully.

A Level economics, politics, and business students genned up in advance by watching some of Vertu Motors’ recent media coverage, such as Robert’s interview with Car Dealer.

Questions came thick and fast!

AN(Y13): With government plans to stop selling brand new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, how do you propose to adapt your dealerships to manage this?

EG (Y13): Do you think that the business will bounce back with similar vigour after 3 successive lockdowns?

JM (Y13): How have you adapted your business model to accommodate online retailing during the pandemic and will this persist? (Cazoo)

NA (Y12): How do you ensure core values are upheld across the business?

BS (Y12)S: How have you improved productivity as per your interview with Car Dealer?

FA (Y12): Have pandemic related costs been significant?

MS (Y12): How have you maintained strong marketing throughout the pandemic?

HT (Y12): How do you see car dealerships incorporating technology in the future?

DR (Y12): Do you want to expand into Europe?

SH (Y12): Given Vertu’s strong performance during the depths of lockdown, what is Vertu’s USP?

SB (Y12): Given the impact of the pandemic on unemployment, have you seen a marked increase in applicants for positions at Vertu?

Inevitably, discussions drifted into other areas such as Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), the minimum wage, and employment opportunities.

A thoroughly enjoyable chat.  Many thanks Robert and thank you Elaine for the invitation.