The Department for Work & Pensions

It was our pleasure to be joined in the Good Morning Emmanuel studio by EC alumni Sarah and Sophie .  The ladies discussed their academic interests, university choices, and their current job roles at the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP).  The 1350 students were gripped; indeed, the 30 minute assembly was over in a flash.  The ladies were also kind enough to accompany me to my A Level class where they spent another hour answering questions and encouraging the students.  A real tonic for the students after a difficult and uncertain period of lockdown working from home.

GME was recorded and followed the outline below.

  1. Alumni – class of 20??;
  2. Participation/responsibilities in the sixth form;
  3. A levels – why you chose your particular suite of subjects;
  4. University – how your course differs from the traditional full-time university course – pros and cons?
  5. Brief example of how you are using the theory that you learned at school; and
  6. Women in STEM.

Further information re. The Government Economic Service Degree Apprenticeship Programme can be found here.