Students’ experiences of GBFS2020

GBFutureStars, AS, Y10

In June, students in year 10 were able to participate in the GlobalBridge FutureStars event where we were given access to an excellent range of insightful and constructive resources, ranging from information regarding apprenticeships to learning about what some of the UK’s leading colleges and universities have to offer.

The feature that stood out was the Live Q&A chat function where students were encouraged to question industry professionals, receiving feedback and answers in real time. The question booths allowed many students, including myself, to discover new information and career paths that we would otherwise have not known about. For example, I discovered that GSK, a pharmaceutical company, offers apprenticeships at both a pre and post-graduate level, providing real hands-on experience and opportunities for further qualifications.

An equally impressive aspect was learning about the opportunities and challenges in this industry from the people who specialise in it. We were told about the direct impacts that the company have on the public and the positive influence that they have on the people’s daily lives.  It made a career in this field very worthwhile and rewarding. The opportunity to quiz an apprentice currently working in one of their programmes provided even more insight into apprenticeship programmes.


GBFutureStars TC, Y10

I took part in an event called FutureStars. I didn’t have a clue what it was until it said something about your career, so I thought to myself, why not have a go!

During the event, there were keynote speakers that shared their stories about how they became successful.

My favourite keynote speaker was Oliver Yonchev. He talked about how anything is possible and encouraged us to go for whatever we believe in. It was a great event because it gave you options as to what you might want to do when you finish your schooling.

It was an opportunity for students to learn from successful people and get tips from them. It has given me the confidence to believe in myself and never give up.


GBFutureStars, SD, Y10

On Wednesday June 17th, students in the UK took part in the Globalbridge FutureStars event. The exciting event provided advice and tips from top employers and universities, and, throughout the day, there were opportunities to win prizes.  Contributors to the event offered a range of insightful and useful resources and participants were made aware of numerous opportunities in employment and education.  These ranged from apprenticeships to informative workshops from industry, as well as information regarding the courses available at universities and colleges.

The ‘keynote presentations’ of the event particularly stood out, where we heard from a range of specialised professionals, including former footballer, professional boxer and commonwealth champion, Stacey Copeland. Each one discussed their personal education pathways and their own experiences in the working world, with the ‘Ask a question’ feature available for students, with answers following not long after! These presentations were great and appealed to students not only on an education level, but also on a personal one. Each speaker explained the barriers they faced in their career which some, if not many could identify with, and how they overcame them to achieve their current success. Students could particularly relate to Dr Radha Modgil’s presentation, where a number of KS4 & 5 students expressed their worries and concerns about their futures. Dr Modgil advised students to seek out opportunities and guidance from a host of available resources.

The event was truly a great one and inspired young people to broaden their aspirations for their futures!