Senior Director, Sales – APAC (in Singapore) for LexisNexis Risk Solutions

After leaving Emmanuel in 2003 (studying Economics, Geography and English Lit at A-Level) and then subsequently graduating from Northumbria University, Jonathan looked towards roles that could lead to Counter Terrorism linked to his undergrad specialism.  His first line of full-time work was as an Intelligence Analyst at Northumbria Police.  But, wanting to experience more of the world, he took the risk to leave a great job and take a year out to go backpacking on his own across the African and Asian continents.  On returning, he decided to try and expand his analyst/research capabilities in a more Academic space; taking up a Researcher role on a research project at Durham University partly sponsored by the Department of Health.  He also started a two-year part time Masters in Creative Writing having enjoyed writing short stories for fun whilst on his travels.

Ultimately though, his desire to experience working overseas (and preferably in Asia following his backpacking travels) pushed him to proactively seek out opportunities (pretty much anything and everything) that would get him there.  Terrapinn, a global events company, duly obliged as he was hired from the UK for a role based in their Singapore office as one of their Conference Producers (utilising the Research skills acquired so far) for their Commodities Investment Division.  On arrival, when producing his first conference held in Shanghai, he was asked to ‘help out’ in driving Sponsorship Sales revenue for the event after the designated Sales Rep had moved on and a temporary gap remained.  Much to Jonathan’s own surprise – he made an immediate and over performance impact acquiring Sponsorship Revenues for the event… and enjoyed it!

Fast Forward another 11 Years and Jonathan still resides in Singapore, a place he now calls home with his now wife Nikki (a fellow Brit) who he first met at Terrapinn and their dog Ambrosius. Here, he has built out his career in Sales progressing from Individual Contributor Sales roles selling into markets himself across South East Asia, South Asia, North Asia, ANZ and everywhere in between – eventually progressing to Sales Enablement and Sales Leader roles.  Now today he is in his 3rd company in Singapore (LexisNexis Risk Solutions) where he is the Senior Sales Director for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region and has teams based in Singapore, India, Hong Kong and Australia. And whether by design, or happy coincidence the software and data solutions they provide to their customers specialise in Financial Crime prevention including Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing… almost full circle back to those post Uni days and specialist interests!