Non-Executives in the Dock

“Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.” Saint Augustine

Speaker: Tom Harrison, International Centre for Connected Construction

Joining us for the first of 2021’s Responsible Business Seminars is Tom Harrison, Chair of IC3 – International Centre for Connected Construction, and formerly the Chief Operating Officer of Turner & Townsend Plc, Global Construction Consultants.

About the seminar

Public confidence in companies and organisations has been rocked by a slew of failings in management and oversight: Northern Rock Building Society, Oxfam, Carillion Construction, Durham County Cricket Club, North Cumbria NHS Trust and more. There is a need to understand in simple common sense terms why organisations run into problems and fail.  The value of trust has risen, and many stake their lives, livelihoods and security on the basis of reputation, experience and expertise.  But who is really safeguarding public interests? What is the difference between management, regulation and governance? What do non-executive directors, trustees and governors do? How are they judged?

What are the core issues? What impact have these failures had on individuals and communities? What does good practice look like and where can it be found? Is there still a place for a moral compass in all of this?