Global Ethics Day (21/10/20)

This year, NIBE held an event to celebrate Global Ethics Day, 21 October, with colleagues from leading North East companies. Click here to watch a video from the event.

The online seminar was hosted by Caroline Theobald and contributors included:

Yvonne Gale – CEO, NEL Fund Managers

Hugh Welch – Senior Partner, Muckle LLP

Andrew Haigh – CEO, Newcastle Building Society

Kerry Pattison – Head of HR, Tharsus Group

Kiz Crosbie – CEO, Mortal Foods

Dai Hayward – CEO, Micropore

Leeanne Coatmann – B2B Sales Manager, Hays Travel for Business

Phil Jackman – Founder, Guerilla Working

Patricia Alexander – MD, Shared Interest Ethical Investment Group

John Duns – Co-founder & Director, NE Times

Ruth Yeoman – Oxford University


Great to see so many GCSE economists attending this event.