Ethical Investment

North East Initiative on Business Ethics

Lessons from 30 years of ethical investment by Shared Interest Society

23 March 2021

A much-anticipated debate, particularly with GCSE economics students, who were keen to listen and learn from Tim Morgan, Finance Director at the Shared Interest Society.


The Shared Interest Society’s website states:


Shared Interest is an ethical investment organisation which aims to alleviate poverty by helping people in remote and disadvantaged communities, to trade and earn a living.

We act co-operatively with over 11,500 investors coming together to achieve a common goal, pooling their £47 million of investment. We then use these funds to provide loans and credit facilities to primarily fair trade businesses, to ensure that farmers are paid on time for their crops.

Your ethical investment will not make you rich but it will enrich the lives of others.

Our work is not just about providing finance on fair terms. The fair trade producers we help say that we have helped transform their communities.  Last year, our members helped make a positive impact on the lives almost 400,000 individuals.’

Sixth form students have recently been studying the 2008 financial crash and the fate of Northern Rock.  It was interesting to hear Tim discussing how SIS invests especially when there is no Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) to fall back on should an investment go sour.