David Smith – economics editor of The Sunday Times

@dsmitheconomics is a twitter handle which I have been referencing for years and I had always hoped that one day David might speak to EC students.  Last year, that encounter almost came to pass and we even had a confirmed date in the diary.  Unfortunately, the date coincided with the UK’s first lock down!  Fast forward almost a year and we calendared a date for a Zoom meeting.  How exciting!

As you might expect, David’s talk focused on the economics of the pandemic, particularly:

  1. the interdependence of economies;
  2. the resilience of firms, households and employees, and their ability to adapt;
  3. the scope of fiscal policy;
  4. the role of monetary policy particularly quantitative easing; and
  5. the likely enduring consequences of the pandemic.

MS opened the subsequent Q&A with a short quote from David’s book ‘Free Lunch’.  Some 30 minutes later, we were still going; indeed, we had already exceeded our agreed time.

Huge thanks to David for his time and expertise.  An inspiring morning for staff and students.