Chartered Institute of Housing : North East Conference 2019

Year 13 economists were hosted by EC alumnus James Hudson at the CIH regional conference.  As Chair of the North East Board, James opened the second day of the conference by welcoming some amazing speakers, before directly welcoming EC students, and, of course, his old (in the sense of former) economics teacher!

The housing market is a focal point of the A Level specification, and so, the presentations were particularly on point as the guest speakers painted a picture of the housing stock in the north east; the balance between social housing and affordable housing, the ratio of house prices to earnings relative to the rest of the UK, and the problems faced by the city of Sunderland which has 26 high rise blocks, an ageing population, and a significant brain-drain.

Later that morning, students attended an inspiring presentation, delivered by Laura Wood of Invisible Creations, a new social business start-up founded to design for dignity, to produce products that are inclusive, and to aid mobility.  The theme resonated with everyone in the room, and, as ever, the students asked lots of probing questions at the end of Laura’s presentation!