Brewin Dolphin

It’s hard to believe that Gareth Johnson, Brewin Dolphin’s Head of Digital Channels, left Emmanuel College some 21 years ago … and he was a student in one of my first A Level classes.

No surprise that he opened proceedings with ‘Good morning Clarkey boy!’

Gareth kindly introduced his colleague and our main speaker for the day, Guy Foster, Brewin Dolphin’s Chief Strategist.

Throughout the previous night, events in Asia and the USA had been impacting global markets which meant Guy had already had a very busy morning!  Primarily, Guy had been grappling with:

  1. Jay Powell’s scant remarks about how he would address the recent bond market tumult; and
  2. The National People’s Congress’ comments re. China’s response to the pandemic and its target for economic growth.

Politics students benefited greatly from Guy’s explanation of the clash of ideologies in China and the USA.  Economics students focused on Guy’s comments re. the chancellor’s recent budget speech, particularly the apparent misalignment of the political and economic cycles.

Topics for discussion during the Q&A included economic scarring, cryptocurrencies, the housing market, Brexit and the corporation tax hike, freeports, and levelling up.

We didn’t have time to get into the pros and cons of freeports; however, you can listen to further thoughts from Guy on the Brewin Dolphin podcast.

Huge thanks to Gareth and Guy.  Hopefully, we will all be able to sit in the same room and have a similar conversation at some point in the not too distant future.